Medical Concern Drop-Off Form


How This Works:

1. Fill out this consent form, which includes some brief information about your pet’s injury or illness.

2. Go here: Find and fill out the specific medical history form that pertains to your pet’s injury or illness, if applicable.

Please provide us with as much information as possible about what is going on with your pet.  It will help our technicians and veterinarians give your pet the very best care!
Also, please indicate how we should proceed with diagnostics and treatment, AND provide a phone number where you can be reached after you drop off your pet.

Please contact us with any questions:

Phone: 563-285-7891

  • We realize that life is busy. If it’s easier for you to drop off your pet for care, we are happy to work them into our schedule. Please realize that by doing this, your pet does not have a scheduled appointment, and will be seen when time allows.

    NOTE: It is required by Iowa Law that all pets seen in our clinic must be current on Rabies Vaccination. If your pet is not current, but is healthy enough for a vaccine, he/she will be given one today.
  • Medical Concern

    Please go back to our forms and fill out the specific medical concern form that applies to your pet.