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New Kitten Exam

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  • NOTE: We recommend the use of some canned food, if not a wholly canned food diet to get your cat used to it. Canned food can be very helpful later in life to deliver medication, and to increase water consumption! Pate-style foods are usually highest in protein, which most closely simulates a cat's natural diet.
  • Sometimes it's a good idea that one person in the home be responsible for feeding and giving medication to eliminate any confusion!
  • Enrichment for cats!

    Scratching is a normal behavior for cats. Some cats prefer horizontal surfaces and some cats prefer vertical surfaces. Substrate can also play a key role. Offer a variety of scratching surfaces to your cat. Entice scratching on these vs your furniture with catnip or a new product called FeliScratch!
  • The "Doc & Phoebe Bowl-less Feeding System" is a great way to combine play, enrichment, and feeding all in one!
  • Feel free to send us a copy of vaccine records ( or uploading a file below, instead of typing them out!
  • Feel free to take a pic with your cell phone!