Yuck. My cat is going outside the litter box!

Now what?

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  • Urinary problems in cats are often much more complex than they are in dogs. Often, urinary problems in cats stem from stress the cat is experiencing. So please bear with all the questions! They are important when looking at the big picture for your cat!
  • Please try to now allow your cat to urinate for several hours prior to your scheduled appointment. For a cat, it can be helpful to keep them locked in a kennel or small room without a litter box prior to the appointment.
  • With cats, this often results in vocalization while urinating or straining.
  • If yes, beside the box? Elsewhere in the house?
  • Please describe your cat's usual diet, including type of food, canned/dry, amount fed, and any treats given.
  • If yes, please describe briefly:
  • Household Questions

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