Weight Management and Nutrition Counseling

Sara Mark Maysy 2At Risius Family Veterinary Service we are committed to working with you to keep your pet as healthy and happy as possible. A key component to that health and happiness is nutrition. At every wellness exam we will gather a detailed diet and nutrition history from you. It is so important that you share openly and honestly with us so that we can help your pet!


We will ask about:

  • What type of food your pet eats, how much you feed them and how often
  • How many and what types of treats you give your pet
  • If your pet receives any table scraps or human food
  • If your pet has any food intolerances that you know of



Weight Management

Over half of all household pets are considered overweight or obese.Pet food shelf

You can use this tool to get an idea if your pet may be overweight, but the best thing to do if you’re concerned is to make an appointment with one of our family veterinarians.

Our staff is trained to calculate your pet’s body condition score, estimate his or her body fat percentage, and make an exercise and nutrition recommendation. Our veterinarians can formulate an individualized weight loss or maintenance plan for your pet. We can base this plan on your pet’s current food or make a recommendation for a food that may better suit your pet’s nutritional needs at their current life stage and life style.


Check Out This Tool To See If Your Pet Is Overweight



We also have access to a full line of prescription diets to help your pet live an long and happy life with you.